Topics and Guests for March 3

Now that the race for the White House has officially begun, will Wall Street keep the candidates front and center?

We’ll get a read from Rob Stein, managing partner for Astor Asset Management; Frank Lasalla, managing director of global securities services at Pershing LLC, and Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital.

Super Tuesday was super sweet for Sen. John Kerry. But when it comes to raising campaign cash, how do the Democrats stack up against President Bush? We’ll get insight from Alan Patricof, vice chairman of Apax Partners and a Democratic fundraiser.

Plus, will this year’s presidential election come down to terror and taxes? We’ll ask former Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady.

Former WorldCom chief Bernie Ebbers (search) surrenders to authorities in New York one day after being charged with conspiracy and securities fraud. Meanwhile, just blocks away, 12 men and women have the fate of one of the world’s most successful business women, Martha Stewart (search), in their hands. We’ll be live with the latest from both cases.

And, he’s accused of bringing down the house that Mickey Mouse built. Now as shareholders decide his fate, will Michael Eisner (search) be ousted? Answers tonight on “Your World with Cavuto”

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