Topics and Guests for March 3

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Topics and Guests:

• After losing all of the 'Super Tuesday' states to rival John Kerry, John Edwards (search) decides to pull out of the 2004 presidential race.

FNC's Major Garrett will be live from Edwards headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. with reaction.

Plus — Now that the general election is unofficially underway, Republicans are striking back.

The Bush-Cheney team is releasing its first campaign ads as the GOP launches a drive to register new voters.

White House Correspondent James Rosen will be in our Washington newsroom with the full story.

• The crisis in Haiti is turning into a security standoff between rebels and the U.S. Marines.

We'll talk with Tim Collie, a senior reporter for the "Sun-Sentinel," about the unrest.  

• Jury selection in the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial is set to begin Thursday morning.

We'll get a read on the case, plus the latest in the Martha Stewart (search) and Kobe Bryant (search) trials from our panel of legal experts, including criminal defense attorney Royce Russell, former prosecutor Ken Padowitz and Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst.

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Note: Topics subject to change