Mission Impossible

Heads up, lowly Americans. Your European (search) betters are weighing in on your choice for president.

In Wednesday's edition of London's Financial Times, Lawrence Freedman, professor of war studies at King's College, London, writes about John Kerry and George W. Bush. Professor Freedman wasn't that excited about Kerry. As far as he's concerned, if a candidate for president doesn't say he will reign in Israel, well, he is just no good. Europe is certain Israel is run by a criminal regime.

Professor Freedman went on to talk about President Bush in the most scandalous language. He said, "It's hard to overstate the contempt with which Mr. Bush is viewed in some circles in Europe. He is regularly portrayed as irrationally belligerent, disdainful of allies, enthralled to special interests and, get this, rather stupid."

In other words, we would much prefer Kerry if he would be just as European as we would like. He is European. He practically grew up in France and he speaks French, but not quite enough to suit European tastes.

And what they say about President Bush, is there any justification for that of hate-filled language? Is there any wonder where the Deaniacs (search) get it?

Kerry says he wants to repair the alliances with Europeans who already hate us. Mr. Kerry, it isn't possible. Save your breath. Forget it. Get used to telling the French, and the Germans, and the Belgians, and the Canadians and about a third of the Brits to just bugger off.

That's My Word.

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