Israeli Arrested for Bombing Haifa Targets

Police have arrested an Israeli man suspected of targeting Arabs with bombs in the city of Haifa (search), officials said Thursday.

Police said that Eliran Golan, 22, a self-proclaimed Jewish extremist, planted nine bombs around the northern Israeli city, including one that exploded under the car of an Israeli Arab lawmaker and another that damaged a mosque.

Three people were slightly wounded in bomb attacks, including a small boy who found one of the bombs, police said.

"Eliran Golan is the person behind planting these devices," police commander Yaakov Borovski told reporters, announcing his arrest. "Golan cooperated in his investigation and confessed to all the instances, from the beginning of 2001 until today," he said.

One of the bombs exploded under the car of Arab lawmaker Issam Makhoul (searchas his wife started it, without causing injury. Police said Golan also admitted planning attacks against two other Arab legislators, Ahmed Tibi and Azmi Bishara.

Despite more than three years of Israeli-Palestinian violence, attacks by Jews against Israeli Arabs are rare.

Israel's 1 million Arabs make up about one-sixth of the nation's citizens. In contrast the 3.5 million Palestinians who live in the West Bank (searchand Gaza Strip are not citizens of Israel.

Police spokesman Gil Kleiman said that most of the bombs were planted after Palestinian attacks, apparently as revenge.

Golan's father Meir, 45 was also arrested, but denied any knowledge of the bombs or attacks.

The two men were arrested Wednesday, police said.