Tuesday, March 2: Deadly Holiday

On today's edition of "DaySide" with Linda Vester:

Deadly Holiday: It was the deadliest day since the end of major combat operations in Iraq, as terrorists use a holy day to set off multiple bombs. More than 143 killed, hundreds more wounded.

Tragic Discovery: Now that the bodies of the missing Hargon family have been found, we've got new clues about how and why a cousin allegedly killed them.

Super Showdown: Some of the biggest states are up for grabs as Democratic presidential candidates square off in Super Tuesday II. We’ll get a preview of the issues in play with Maryland’s Republican Gov. Robert Ehrlich.

Plus, will tonight spell the end of Sen. John Edwards campaign? Fox News political analysts Ellen Ratner and Rich Lowry join the debate.

True Lies? Haiti’s ousted president is accusing the United States of kidnapping him and forcing him into exile. But does his story hold water?

Gun Vote: A court-martial case is set to begin that could be explosive for the military. U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Tara Burkhart is charged with committing adultery with an enlisted man. But the lieutenant says that it was rape. Who's telling the truth: Tara or the Marine Corps? We’ll ask Tom and Betty Burkhart, whose daughter is facing court martial, and Christine Hansen, executive director of The Miles Foundation.

Church Versus State: The California State Supreme Court upholds a state decision that Catholic Charities must include birth control in its employee prescription drug coverage. That's consistent with state law, but has the Catholic Church fuming. We’ll get a read on the case from Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Unbelievable! A mother grieves for her baby girl, who she thought was killed in a fire. But six years later she goes to a child's birthday party and whom does she see but her daughter!

Those stories and more on today’s edition of “DaySide with Linda Vester"

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