Anti-Terror Plan: Soldiers or Prosecutors?

What happens if America is attacked by terrorists again?

We know what President Bush would do. We've seen it now since Sept. 11. He would figure out who was responsible — let's say the Taliban (search) and Usama bin Laden (search) — and then bomb them back to the Stone Age, breaking their grip on power.

Now what about a President John Kerry (search)?

In late January during a campaign stop in South Carolina, this is what he said about a Sept. 11-type attack.

"[The U.S. response should be] primarily a law-enforcement and intelligence operation that requires cooperation around the world — the very thing this administration is worst at."

Isn't that what we did in 1993 when Iraqi intelligence agent Ramzi Yousef (search) bombed the World Trade Center? Put him on trail, convicted him, sent him to prison for 100 lifetimes... and still the terrorists came back and bombed us again, killing almost 3,000 the second time.

Now I ask you... soldiers or prosecutors? Which is the way you would attack terrorists who want to kill you?

That's My Word.

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