Oscar Goodie Bag Challenge Update

Dear Friends,

Which Oscar (search) stars accepted my challenge to donate their goodie bags to soldiers?

The answer so far is... NONE. Before the Oscars, I learned that the "goodie bags" given to the nominees range from $110,000 to $153,000 worth of stuff (high-definition TVs, vacations, etc.). So I challenged the nominees on national TV to give their goodie bags instead to the family of a soldier wounded or killed in Iraq, because for Pete's sake, the nominees can afford to buy their own goodies. And it might just ease a little pain for a soldier's family.

Well, I received an e-mail from an Army captain in response:

"[Your idea] is perhaps the best idea that I have ever heard. However, do not give the goodie bags to officers (like myself) or senior enlisted soliders… give it to privates and specialists. Do you know that the average private in the Army (who bears the brunt of the work) makes a little over $1000 a month?... Just one item from these huge goodie bags could bless the life of the average soldier..."

Wouldn't it be nice if some actor/actress would be the first to step up to the plate?

Meanwhile... look for an exclusive on Tuesday's “DaySide.” A very sensitive court martial case involving a Marine officer accusing a subordinate of rape. I'm in the process of gathering a lot of data... but at first glance there seem to be a number of reported sexual assaults of military women stationed in Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain.

I'll tell you more Tuesday.

Stay tuned and drop me an e-mail at: dayside@foxnews.com.