Glitches Behind the Camera

Dear Viewers,

It is too bad we don't have a camera in the makeup room in the bureau. That is where you see people interact and talk about matters in a much more relaxed forum. Last night was no exception. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (search) and Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (search) were "in the house" so I snapped their picture.

Dr. Kissinger and I talked about our jobs and how we like them but that the hours can be incredibly long. Travel makes it even longer. I was just about to launch into my travel schedule for next week and how exhausted I expect to be when Dr. Kissinger told me his schedule. He is leaving Sunday night for Moscow and will be back home on Tuesday. I decided my schedule looked pathetically easy next to his and thus did not mention mine. I don't know the math, but it sounds like he will only be in Moscow for only a few hours before he is back on the plane for U.S.A.

Our show was a bit of a technical nightmare last night. One technical problem was obvious — at first you could not hear Fred Murray, whose daughter has been missing since Feb. 9.

Another problem you did not see — but which we felt since it created chaos for us — was that we could not get audio for our Mississippi guests for the segment we had planned. Hence, right before we were to do the segment on the missing Mississippi family, my N.Y. producer announced to me in my ear piece that we had to "switch gears" to the missing child in St. Louis.

It might seem like an easy switch — and in some ways it is — but it does throw a wrench in the works. We are not "looking" for chaos when we put on a show , so we would prefer not to have "surprises" that we have to attend to mid-show. I am never sure how it looks to viewers at home in these instances, but for me it feels like a rough transition.

One last thing... I promised you "behind the scenes" information about the show and the cable news business. Have you ever wondered what Web sites we in the business check out?

Here is a tip: many in my business — including those at competing cable news organizations — are now daily checking out a new site about cable news. It is  So if you are a cable news junkie, you might want to check out what we are looking at.


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