Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Fair Game?

The New York Times and fired reporter Jayson Blair are at each other again. Michael Viner, publisher of Blair's new book, called "Burning Down My Masters' House" is blaming the Times for jumping the gun on its release date and hurting Blair's credibility. Yes, he said that.

Meanwhile, Times Executive Editor Bill Keller sent a memo to the staff that said Blair, "is an admitted fabricator... The book pretends to be a mea culpa, but ends up spewing imaginary blame in all directions."

The Fund Raiser

And actor Sean Penn has something on his mind -- other than winning the Oscar for Best Actor. Known for his opposition to the war in Iraq, Penn hosted a fundraiser Saturday night for his presidential candidate: Dennis Kucinich.

No word yet on the amount of money raised. But in the latest California poll, Kucinich has support from 4 percent of the voters there.