You Decide 2004: March 2 Primaries

Be sure to tune in Tuesday night for full coverage of the March 2 primaries (search) with FNC managing political editor Brit Hume, "FOX Report" anchor Shepard Smith and "FOX News Sunday" host Chris Wallace

Airs Tuesday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET.

With the lion's share of delegates to date under his belt, John Kerry (search) seems to be looking past rivals John Edwards (search), long shots Dennis Kucinich (search) and Al Sharpton (search), and toward a November match-off with President Bush.

Is the race for the Democratic nomination as good as done, or could Edwards land another come-from-behind win to keep his campaign alive?

We're there with analysis, and reports from our correspondents on the ground... on this 'Super Tuesday,' where voting in 10 states from Maryland to California will determine the allocation of the largest block of delegates on a single day to date in the 2004 race.

Stay tuned for complete coverage... brought to you by the political channel of record!

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