NEA Seeks to Undo No Child Left Behind

The National Education Association (search), the largest teachers union in the country, says that President Bush's vision for educating American children could not be more out of focus.

The NEA argues that every aspect of the No Child Left Behind (search) law, one of the biggest achievements in Bush's administration, almost certainly will leave some behind. To prevent that, the NEA is launching an aggressive lobbying effort to stop implementation of the law, trying unsuccessfully so far to enlist states in a lawsuit against the federal government.

Supporters of the law say the union opposes the measure because it sets up new teacher qualifications as well as requires remedial work for poorly performing students and an annual report card for every public school in America.

The NEA says the goals are admirable, but the approach is too inflexible.

Pulling out all the stops to get the law killed has angered Education Secretary Rod Paige (search), who was forced to apologize Friday in a Washington Post editorial for calling the NEA a terrorist group.

Paige wrote that he wasn't referring to the vast majority of teachers, but to union officials in Washington, whom he called obstructionist.

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