Topics and Guests for Feb. 26

Rosie O'Donnell (search) adds her name to the hottest controversy in the country. Scores are protesting it. And businesses are taking notice ... And changing fast. What's the fallout? We ask Ken McDonnell, analyst for think tank EBRI, and comedienne Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Shock jock Howard Stern (search) taken off the air for vulgar language. Is this the right decision? Join the heated debate with Ron Kuby, radio talk show host, and attorney Jack Thompson.

If you don't think this whole Howard Stern thing had Wall Street's attention today. Think again. Our panel of experts gives us their take: Fox News contributor Meredith Whitney; Bernadette Murphy of Kimelman & Baird; Gary B. Smith, columnist for; and our own Brenda Buttner, host of "Bulls and Bears."

German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder (search) due to pow-wow with the president tomorrow. Could things get chilly between the two? We ask John Hulsman, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Think you’re retiring at 65? Think again! Why it's getting hip ... to be old. Martin Rome, director of the nation's largest provider of mature-worker training and employment, and Jim Seith of AARP weigh in.

If you think all business ideas are smart ideas, think again. Find out from Adam Horowitz, author of "The Dumbest Moments in Business History."

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