We Really Dogded a Political Bullet in 2000

"The Wall Street Journal has published a letter from camp Gore, this time from Karenna Gore Schiff (search) — the former presidential candidate's daughter.

In this open memo, she talks about how different a Gore administration would have been — if only Ralph Nader (search) and George Bush hadn't stolen her dad's job...

Evidently, she means to say that her father would not have fought back in a war on terror following Sept. 11, and would not have run up a huge debt securing this country.

She says that 2.7 million jobs have been lost.

Evidently, she fails to realize that the country's job losses came out of the administration of her father. Anybody who invented the Internet should remember the tech crash.

She says that clean air standards have been weakened. 

Is she saying that during a recession President Gore would have made clean air standards more burdensome?

She says that civil liberties have been trampled, that longtime allies have come to mistrust us and that we've spent $150 billion and almost 600 lives in a war to protect us from weapons that never existed.

Evidently, her dad wouldn't have approved a Patriot Act (search) (which may be the very reason we have not suffered another attack) and when it comes to the 600 American soldiers who have been killed — remember, it was terrorists who killed them.

Evidently, Gore would have happily followed the instructions of France.

Is Schiff saying Gore would have left Saddam Hussein running Iraq, rape rooms and all?

This makes me think 2000 was a very close call, indeed.

That's My Word.

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