Topics and Guests for Feb. 25

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (search) wants you to get your Social Security. Thing is, he's worried some of you will never see it. And he voiced his concerns on Capitol Hill today. Join us to find out the latest.

So will Social Security (search) survive? We ask our panel of experts: Dennis Kneale with Forbes Magazine; Peter Peterson, president of The Blackstone Group; and Fox News own Mike Norman.

Did the domestic diva's lawyers do her a grave injustice? Martha Stewart's (search) fate now lies in the hands of the jury. But how solid is her case? We ask former prosecutor John Q. Kelly. And David Denby, author of "American Sucker,"  shares his thoughts on the lessons of the case. Plus, Patricia Powell, president of the Powell Financial Group, and Fox News contributor Charles Payne gives us their predictions.

Check out the second edition of Neil's interview with Treasury Secretary John Snow (search). He takes up the issue of our massive trade deficit.

Have the tensions between France and the United States gone too far? We ask David Bossie, president of Citizens United.

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