Ozzy's Crash Pauses Reality Series

A cameraman was not on hand to film Ozzy Osbourne's (search) near-fatal accident Dec. 8, but the lensman did get out to the crash site fast enough to film the dramatic aftermath.

The scene — in which an unconscious Ozzy was resuscitated by a quick-thinking member of the family's security team — was shown Tuesday night at the conclusion of "The Osbournes" (search) on MTV.

The accident halted filming of the MTV reality series for five weeks and will delay the series' next new episode for six weeks.

"They had to shut down production out of respect for the family and for Ozzy while he recovered," said an MTV spokesman. "We backed off and waited for Sharon and the rest of the family to feel more comfortable with it."

The next installment —  episode six of the series' third season — will not be seen until Tuesday, April 6..

Ozzy, 55, broke his left collarbone, eight ribs and one vertebra after losing control of an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) he uses on his vast country estate in Buckinghamshire, England.

The size of the property is apparently part of the reason why the cameraman was not near enough to the scene to film the actual crash. In addition, the cameraman likely did not figure on anything extraordinary occurring since Ozzy and members of his family have ridden their ATV's around their multi-acre back lawn many times previously without incident.

The inclusion of the scene featuring Ozzy lying motionless on the grass was a mild surprise Tuesday night since MTV has been tight-lipped about how the accident would affect the show and whether aspects of the crash would become part of the show.

Episode six on April 6 is expected to pick up with Ozzy recovering at home.