The Foxlight: Oscars, Trump and P. Diddy

An honest Oscar reaction, Trump's real apprentice and Broadway Diddy-style in today's Foxlight.

The most honest celebrity in Hollywood? It might be Samuel L. Jackson (search). On the eve of the Academy Awards, he admits it's tough when you know you're going to lose. When he was nominated in 1994 for "Pulp Fiction," Martin Landau was cleaning up at the earlier awards shows for "Ed Wood." So Jackson knew he was a goner. But he says he thought maybe the law of averages would catch up and give him the nod instead of Landau. When Martin won, Jackson says he got caught cursing on screen. Nobody makes it look cooler.

That old guy who works as one of Trump's henchmen on "The Apprentice" (search) is not an actor. He's a real lawyer who's been with Trump 25 years. And the secret? He never tells The Donald he did something wrong.

First the Foxlight told you other actors were concerned about Sean Combs' (search) Broadway debut, now comes word that he hasn't even learned his lines for "Raisin in the Sun." The New York Post reports that Puffed Ego Daddy is too busy to read the script. Hello, Puffman, your previews begin in a month. A rep for the revival of says the rumors aren't true. But the Post reports they've carefully cast the understudy — a hint there may be trouble. Puff Junior — whoever he is — may get a lot of stage time.