The Foxlight: Bill McCuddy's Celebrity Buzz

Tiger tries acting, Simon gets nice, thumbs-down for "The Passion" and remember Justin Guarini? That and more in today's Foxlight.

Tiger Woods (search) is no Bill Murray, but his new TV commercial spoofing "Caddyshack" is pretty funny. Woods changing jobs? Or doing a remake of "Lost in Translation?" Doubtful.

What's wrong with Simon Cowell? He actually complimented an "American Idol" (search) contestant Tuesday night. In fact, two.

Tara Reid (search) needs terra firma. The ground was a little wobbly for her over the weekend at a Miami record industry party. The New York Post says she got so carried away with vodka she had to be carried away by bouncers after she passed out.

Martin Lawrence (search) -- you so crazy, you slapped a woman. That's what she says anyway. And she wants money. Martin says it's a shakedown.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to Justin Guarini (search)? His album only sold a little over a 100,000 copies. But he blames his old label -- RCA -- for rushing the record out. Written and released in 90 days. He's also a little chagrined that runner-up Clay Aiken has a great career -- since Justin feels like he was the trial run for how not to market a second-place winner. He's looking for a new album.

Finally, the Foxlight has seen "The Passion of the Christ," (search) and at the risk of sounding like I'm from London, it's "bloody unnecessary." For Lent I'm giving up Mel Gibson movies.