'DaySide' Behind the Scenes

Dear Friends,

Behind the scenes photos... and an update on my special report, "Breaking Point," about our border security problem.

First, "Breaking Point". Thank you for all the emails you've sent -- I'm astounded by how many people have written to me about it. So my bosses have decided to air it again -- March 13th, 10pm ET.

And one more thing! Something new has been added to our "DaySide" Web page -- behind-the-scenes photos. We ran around taking a bunch of photos during the planning and airing of "DaySide," so you can see what it's like. (Wiseguy that I am, I wrote some captions to go along with the pix.)

Click over to FOX Fan Central for a two-part photo essay.

Stay tuned and drop me an e-mail at: dayside@foxnews.com.