Word From the Cave of Al Qaeda

Another tape from the cave today from Usama bin Laden's no. 2 guy, who sent a tape by donkey down the mountain which ended up at Al Jazeera (search) and was immediately put on the air.

Ayman al-Zawahiri (search) ranted a bit about President Bush before going off on another leader of guess which other prominent Western country?

That's right... France!

France is suffering the terror organization's wrath because French officials — trying to maintain the strict secularism of the French government — have banned headscarves on young Muslim women in the country's public schools.

(By the way... Jewish and Christian symbols are also banned, but the headscarf issue is big trouble, because Muslims take it very seriously and there are so many of them in France.)

The French are not going to get a pass from Al Qaeda, "Hey, that nice Jacques Chirac (search) stood up to George Bush. Let's leave France alone!"

Now the French are worried Al Qaeda is coming to them.

It now appears that the internal argument within the network is whether to go after the U.S. and maybe even France, or hunker down in Saudi Arabia and try to get rid of the corrupt House of Saud (search).

The French are so smart about this, as long as no one is bombing them.

France bragged about its achievement in the soft powers of diplomacy and negotiation as opposed to America's hard power of military and economy.

Let's see how that diplomacy and negotiation and compromising works now... now that France has insulted Muslims in a way that has caught Al Qaeda's attention.

That's My Word.

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