Topics and Guests: February 23

Tonight... get on the record with Greta...

We'll be broadcasting LIVE from Vaughan, Mississippi, home of the missing Hargon family (search).

Today marks the tenth day since Michael, 27, Rebecca, 29, and James Patrick Hargon, 4, were reported missing from their home in the Vaughan community.

Bloodhounds were out again today, scouring the grounds of the home of a missing Yazoo County family.

A family friend driving by on Saturday, February 14th alerted relatives after finding a door open on one of Michael Hargon's pickups. The front door to the family's home also was open. Blood drops and bullet holes were found inside the home.

Greta and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams  will bring you a special look at the investigation into the family's disappearance this evening.

We’ll have their report and much more on the desperate search for the missing  family on tonight’s edition of "On the Record" live from Vaughan, Mississippi.

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