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EDITOR'S NOTE: Greta is headed back from Mississippi to Washington, D.C. today, February 24. We'll bring you a new edition of her "blog" complete with photos from Vaughan, Miss. this afternoon.

Dear Viewers,

If all goes as planned, we will be doing our show live from Vaughan, Mississippi tonight   - the home of the missing Mississippi family - Michael, 27, Rebecca, 29 and James Patrick Hargon, 4. 
Ted Williams, a former homicide detective, and I are in Mississippi trying to figure out what happened to this family of 3. We are walking the area and talking to people. Ted has investigated hundreds of crimes so I decided to bring him. It is always easier to get information if you get out of the studio and just go to the scene. We are extremely careful NOT to interfere with the investigation. Ted and I have been around enough to know when to back off and how not to interfere. The police welcome the attention to this mystery since they want clues.  The more people who hear about this disappearance the more likely they will get that one tip they need.  

As you know, the family of three simply vanished into thin air.  No vehicle was taken -- so for those of you who are suspicious it is a 'domestic problem,' my guess is that it is not.  If the couple had had a spat and the husband wanted, for instance, to take her away, he would have needed some transportation. There is nothing to suggest that it is a domestic problem.

I spoke to Rebecca Hargon's father yesterday morning and he said that her cell phone was left behind in the house thereby eliminating the cell phone as a good clue (the cell phone companies can track where cell phones are used and hence they are great clues in investigations.  You will probably hear testimony about cell phone records in the Scott Peterson (search) trial.)  Both the missing adults' wallets - with money - were also left in the house.  If this had been a robbery, you would expect that the money would have been taken.  There is the bad sign of the blood and the shell casings, but that does not necessarily mean murder.  One of the family could be injured and bleeding and that injury could have been used as a means of "coercing" cooperation from all three to leave the house.
The child's health is also a huge concern. He has asthma and needs medication twice a day.  That medication was left behind (another indication that this was not a voluntary departure from the family home.) To get more medication would mean a doctor would have to see the child.  I assume that the authorities are checking all hospital emergency rooms to see if a sick child was brought in.  Plus, with all the public attention on this case, I assume any drugstore selling over the counter asthma medication would be suspicious and call the authorities.

No motive has been determined. Everyone is suspicious that it is related to the possible parole of the 2 men who were involved in the murder of  Michael Hargon's father almost 10 years ago.  No doubt the police are checking that out as well as the background of  Michael and Rebecca Hargon.  Maybe one of them has a feud going on with someone.

We are going to continue to get you the information as we get it.  If you know anything, please call CRIME STOPPERS HOTLINE (1-888-8CRIMES) immediately and there is a $25,000 reward for the family's safe return.

Second, and to completely change the subject and for those of you who read this blog daily, on Sunday our voice mail system at the DC Bureau was finally repaired.  In repairing the system, we all lost all our voice mails that had been placed to the system since Friday. Ugh. I have no idea who has called and left me messages.


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