'The Passion', Gay Marriage, and U.S. Intel

Dear Friends,

"The Passion of the Christ", Gay Marriage, and U.S. Intelligence ...

These are three of the topics I'm planning for Wednesday's "DaySide".

Tomorrow, "The Passion" opens in theaters nationwide. I've got tickets to see it tonight. If you've already seen it, I want to hear what you think of it -- send me an email at dayside@foxnews.com.

What do you think of the president's backing of a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage? Meanwhile, what do you think of John Kerry's position on this? (He is against gay marriage, but he opposes a constitutional amendment that would ban it.)

Now to the hearings on Capitol Hill about current terror threats against the U.S. I'd like your candid opinion -- do you think our intelligence agencies have shaped up enough to prevent another 9/11-magnitude attack on the United States?

Oh -- and a big apology to E.D. Hill. Today I said on the air she had just given birth to her fourth child. Wrong!!!!!!!! She just had her FIFTH child. Sorry, E.D. -- and congrats on Baby Joe.

Stay tuned and drop me an e-mail at: dayside@foxnews.com.