The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Matchstick Men," "The Missing" and "Spy Kids 3" are new on DVD this week in today's Foxlight.

Two films that got away get back on DVD this week. The first is the great "Matchstick Men." (searchNicolas Cage is the angst- and tic-ridden con man who along with the always sensational and even more overlooked Sam Rockwell reluctantly decides to take on a new younger partner — Alison Lohman. The only thing predictable about this movie is that at the end they run the credits.

The other really terrific film that did lukewarm box-office business is Ron Howard's "The Missing." (searchTommy Lee Jones was touted as Oscar material — that evaporated along with blockbuster hopes. But Cate Blanchett and a couple of terrific child actors make this "Western thriller" a gripping and great rental.

Finally, the most appropriately named release is "Spy Kids 3: Game Over." (searchOr is it that I just think I look dorky in those red and green glasses? Maybe this movie is the reason Sylvester Stallone is now producing a reality TV show.