Behind the Scenes in Mississippi

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Editor's note: Here's a photo essay of our trip to Vaughan for last night's broadcast. Photos 1 - 10 show you the Hargon's house and other points of interest that pertain to this mysterious case. Photos 11 - 13 are behind-the-scenes photos from our show last night.

Behind the Scenes: Vaughan, Miss.

Having been to Vaughan, Mississippi, I have a much better idea about the investigation - not necessarily what happened but what is being done to find the missing Hargon family (search) of 3. Law enforcement has called upon the entire community to try and help find them. Flyers are up all over.  Look at photo #1 to give you an idea. #1 photo is what greets you when you walk into area convenience stores.

#2: As you know, former homicide detective Ted Williams went with us to Vaughan.  He had my camera and took this photo of the inside of the Hargon home.  The picture does not tell you a great deal about the mystery -- whether this is a crime scene or not -- but most people believe a crime was committed inside.  The police found shell casings, two bullet holes and some drops of blood inside.

Photos #3 & #4: One of the strange elements of this case is that there was no forced entry.  The locks on the house were not damaged suggesting that whoever entered the house was "invited" or pushed his/her way in after the door was open.  The police put fingerprint dust all over the door in hope to identify who was there but of course many people over the months leading up to the February 14 disappearance have touched the front door.  Here [in our photo essay] are two pictures of the front door -- close up -- so you can see how the police dust it...

The green tape is the police evidence tape which first banned people from entering the home until the police were finished "processing" the home.  It should have been removed in its entirety but it has not yet been removed.  We could not figure out what the dark black marks are from.  It appears that they are from a magic marker of some sort and maybe important to the police for some reason.

Photo #5: You may recall that in 1994 the Hargon home was a grocery story/convenience store.  Michael's father Dan Haywood Hargon was murdered in a robbery there. Since that time, Michael converted it into his own home but you can see that it was once a convenience store. Still in front of their home you can see where the gas pumps were stationed.

It is a pretty eerie thought to walk around the house knowing that a family of 3 is missing -- and just ten years earlier there was a cold blooded murder.

Picture #6 gives you an idea of how this house is really "out in the middle of nowhere."  This is important because you realize no neighbors could hear gunshot and there are no street lights.  You would think if you wanted to commit an act of violence that you might do it during the night when no one would see your getaway car.

Off to the right of the photo you see the child's yard where he played.

Here are some more house pictures:  # 7, #8, #9 and #10.  Note #9 is a close up of a can full of cigarette butts. I am not sure why the police did not seize. Maybe, and it is only a maybe, the person who was there that day tossed a cigarette in the can. because I promised the "behind the scenes" pictures, let me show you some "lighter" moments on the show.

First, photo #11 is bizarre. You will note that there is a picture in that monitor of a man wearing a "blue shirt." That was supposed to be teleprompter for me. But for reasons that I don't understand -- called an "uplink problem" -- instead of teleprompter in last night's show, I got a man in a blue shirt. It appeared to me during the show that he was reading a newspaper, sitting in front of a pool, with palm trees behind him. I can't vouch for that since I was busy DOING the show and could not very well stop and ask. This went on for at least 3 segments during the show. To say this was bizarre, understates it. I have since learned that it was a New York sportscaster in Miami covering spring training that showed up "in" my teleprompter instead of words!!

#12 photo is Ted Williams in Wendy's.  Ted and I ate both lunch and dinner in Wendy's. 

#13 is our field crew who did a GREAT job of supporting our show.  I really appreciate all their hard work. 


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