Rumsfeld, Bush, Nader and Terror, Not a Law Firm

Dear Friends,

Rumsfeld, Bush, Nader and Terror ... Not a Law Firm.

These are four of the subjects we're focusing on for Tuesday's "DaySide".

First, Donald Rumsfeld. What's your opinion of him? Like him or hate him, you have to concede that he's a man who's sure of his convictions. Some say he's arrogant, some say he's a tough man for tough times. Expect to hear some interesting tales about him from the author of "Rumsfeld's War", who'll be on the show.

Another book we're thinking of profiling: "Bush Country", by John Podhoretz. Again - I think it's safe to say that few people are neutral about George Bush. I either hear them say "God bless him", or "he's the devil". Nothing in between.

As for Ralph Nader, well ...

And finally, terrorism. We have a guest who has just personally interviewed a terror suspect in Iraq -- fascinating stuff.

See you on the air -- oh and thanks for all the kind comments about my special report on border security, "Breaking Point". A lot of hard teamwork went into that.

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