The Foxlight: Omar Epps; Sean Penn; Nick Lachey

Omar Epps takes on P. Diddy, Oscar speechifying and Nick Lachey wants to be mayor in today's Foxlight.

Omar Epps (searchdoesn't have much of a hit in the new movie "Against the Ropes," but it hasn't stopped him from coming out swinging in a different arena. Epps says one new actor coming to Broadway should stay home — or maybe in the nightclubs, where he's more comfortable. He's ready to rumble over P. Diddy's Broadway debut in "Raisin in the Sun," a role originated by Sidney Poitier.

Epps calls it a stupid choice, and doesn't stop there. He says acting is a craft and calls the choice "offensive." Epps' parting shot? "With Sean Combs in it, it could be like a B-movie." Shizzle-ouch.

Does anyone really want to hear Sean Penn's State of the Union address to Iraq? That's what could happen if he wins an Oscar for "Mystic River," because producers of the show have announced no time limit on acceptance speeches. Between Penn and Tim Robbins (search), this year's show could run into "Good Morning America."

Finally, Nick Lachey (searchwants to be the mayor of Cincinnati? Does he know they usually live there? I like the sound of first lady Jessica Simpson. His campaign slogan should be "Hey, you guys elected Jerry Springer."