Anti-Americanism High in Canada

Linda Vester's special on Fox News Channel — "Breaking Point: The Terrorists Next Door" — is about how terrorists in Canada and Mexico have easy access to the United States.

It's a great assessment, and it all sounded familiar to me because my forthcoming book — "Hating America: The New World Sport" — also tells the tale of willful and negligent Canadian terrorist coddling.

The Canadian spinners will deny, deny, deny... but facts are facts. Anti- Americanism is the runaway hit conversation in Canada.

(By the way, the Canadians were mad at me a day or two ago when I said America should raise a statue to Conan O'Brien (search), who had the guts to go north and tell them off to their faces.)

It makes no sense, but Canadians know Americans don't really stay mad at them... so they can go on carping about President Bush. Government officials there have called him a moron, have said that his administration is full of  bastards and — to top it all off — have gotten away with it.

They have left the defense of their country to us, and yet they still rail and rail about how stupid the U.S. government is and how stupid the American people are for choosing the president they've chosen.

That's My Word.

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