Topics and Guests for Feb. 20

It’s a taxing question: Could we be hearing "show me the money" from Uncle Sam? We’ll ask Bruce Bartlett, senior fellow for the National Center for Policy Analysis.

They're pushing for a nuclear program that President Bush wants stopped. Is Iran safe? We’ll ask Bob Dornan, former California congressman.

Plus, following another batch of mixed economic data, are things getting better, or worse? We’ll get a read from Stuart Varney, Fox Business News correspondent; Dagen McDowell, Fox Business News correspondent; David Asman, host of "Forbes on FOX," and Brenda Buttner, host of "Bulls & Bears."

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Wendell Perkins, portfolio manager of the Johnson Family International Value Fund, and Tony Dwyer, equity portfolio strategist at FTN Midwest Research.

Plus, does a successful career on the small screen mean bankable bucks on the silver screen? We’ll get insight from Tom O’Neil, senior editor for In Touch and author of "Movie Awards."

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More than just facts and figures, "Your World with Cavuto" gets to the heart of the matter with in-depth reporting from Dagen McDowell, FOX Business correspondent, and analysis from our FOX Business News All-Stars:

Terry Keenan, host of Cashin' In
Brenda Buttner, host of Bulls & Bears
David Asman, host of Forbes on Fox