Topics and Guests for Friday, Feb. 20

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Friday, Feb. 20:

Strong convictions on both sides of the gay marriage debate in San Francisco
as the challenges play out in court
Dennis Herrera, San Francisco city attorney

Will a Ralph Nader campaign siphon votes from the Democratic nominee?
Terry McAuliffe, DNC chairman

When does President Bush start fighting back against the Democratic presidential candidates?
John Truscott, GOP strategist

Is the CIA struggling to gain a foothold in the war on terror?
Mike Baker, former CIA officer

The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights hopes alleged dirty bomber Jose Padilla gets relief from the U.S. Supreme Court
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Great Britain's House of Windsor is in a royal huff over an attack on the reputation of Prince Harry
Carol Sarler, wrote biting opinion piece

Texas Rep. Charlie Gonzalez faces a very motivated opponent in his re-election campaign -- his ex-wife!
Becky Whetstone, independent House candidate

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