The Plot Thickens

Dear Friends,

Here's new information on the investment banker who claims he was kidnapped by terrorists (the one whose presence on board a commercial flight caused it to be diverted):

Officials at the Justice Department are strongly reminding us to caveat our reporting, by adding that DOJ has found nothing so far to substantiate this claim.

Now, in my business, that sort of thing is inferred as a tip that investigators smell something fishy.  And you have to admit, it sounds almost too bizarre to believe.

Zubair Ghias (search) is the investment banker's name -- now I'm hearing rumblings that there's a "domestic issue" that may behind this. Trouble at home maybe? I asked the private investigator on this case, Ernie Rizzo, about that. He maintains there's nothing amiss in Ghias's marriage or anything of the like. And remember that the Feds let Ghias go earlier today; if they thought it was a hoax, wouldn't they have kept him in custody to charge him?


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