It's Time to Start Ignoring San Francisco

The gay marriage-a-thon in San Francisco has proven one thing. That city really doesn't matter anymore.

It has become so far out, you might safely conclude that the big one had hit California — knocked a chunk off (San Francisco) and sent it floating around the Pacific.

Even Barney Frank (search) and Barbara Boxer (search) are saying the city's mayor did the wrong thing. They're worried he's going to provoke a huge backlash nationwide that will end the possibility of legal gay marriage.

And he might. The San Francisco mayor has turned the city into a freak show... again — something it does not need if it wants to be taken seriously.

Last time this happened was when the city refused to send cops to close marijuana stores, which were wide open to the public.

Now you've got lesbians in wedding dresses rushing down to get a marriage license and a quick "I do" in a scene that makes Elvis weddings in Vegas look like the good old-fashioned kind of wedding your mom always hoped you'd have.

San Francisco used to lead the way. Now it's just way out. It's irrelevant. No one pays the slightest attention.

People are calling for the mayor's arrest. OK, it's an idea. But maybe you don't want to create a martyr.

Best thing is give San Francisco the reward of all irrelevancies... just ignore it.

That's My Word.

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