The Foxlight: 'Moosport,' 'Against the Ropes' and 'EuroTrip'

Not everybody loves "Mooseport," "Against the Ropes" gets knocked out by critics , but "EuroTrip" is a fun journey.

Gene Hackman used to be president and Ray Romano used to be funny. That pretty much sums up "Welcome to Mooseport." Critic Mike Clark writes, "This is a moose the actors just can't goose, in part because Ray Romano hardly registers." It's all small town hokum that's ho-hum. And that's despite a cast that includes Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden and Rip Torn. Sorry Ray, everybody doesn't love you this time.

Then there's Meg's new alleged comedy of which USA Today says "Meg Ryan doesn't land many acting punches in the flyweight boxing bio "Against the Ropes," though her character is at times a raging blonde." Omar Epps is also largely wasted. Critics comments like "It's not as bad as I thought it would be" are hardly what can be called a knockout. This is two back-to-back stinkers for Meg after the almost unwatchable "thriller" "In The Cut."

The surprise of the weekend may be a new raunchy comedy. The dollar may be weak against the euro but "EuroTrip" delivers according to USA Today. "You'll find plenty of dirty jokes and sexual innuendo, bathroom humor and nudity. But mixed with the sleaze is the unexpected and occasionally inspired." Some of the inspiration comes from the celebrity cameos. It's cute to see Matt Damon briefly but then you think "When is he going to make another real movie?" The answer is a sequel to "The Bourne Identity" coming later this year. And probably shot near some of the Euro locations.