Florida Jump-Starts Bush Re-Election Effort

Across the state of Florida and 10 months before the presidential election, Republicans say their most organized grassroots campaign in history has begun.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (search) doesn't often advertise the fact that he is President Bush's brother, and does not even mention it on his official online biography.

But Gov. Bush is putting family ties front and center this political season, leading the charge in preaching to the party faithful and energizing grassroots Republicans in an unprecedented campaign blitz to re-elect his brother.

One main prong in the campaign is to register masses of new Republican voters in the Sunshine State to avoid a repeat of the 2000 election recount (search).

"It's important to have thousands of people in a state like Florida where we have a close election to be engaged with their friends and neighbors, backed up with good technology," Jeb Bush said.

But Florida's top Democrats predict the GOP effort won't be enough to win the state.

"They're trying to take a page out of the Democratic playbook by going to citizens groups and demographic groups and working on the grassroots level," said Scott Maddox (search), chairman of the Florida Democratic Party.

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