Wednesday, Feb. 18: Race to Marriage

On today's edition of DaySide with Linda Vester:

Al Qaeda Round-Up: The latest team-up between U.S. troops and Iraqi police, has rounded up nearly two dozen terror suspects including seven with ties to Al Qaeda. But with continuing violence in the country, are Iraqis ready to govern themselves? We’ll ask Entifadh Qanbar, spokesman for the Iraqi Governing Council Member Ahmad Chalabi.

Family Vanishes: An urgent police search is underway at this hour after an entire family in Mississippi goes missing and blood is found at their home. Sheriff James Williams of the Yazoo County Sheriff's Department explains what you can do to help.

Howard’s End? John Edwards surprised a lot of people Tuesday night, with a late surge in the Wisconsin primary. Is he now a real threat to John Kerry? And what lies ahead for Howard Dean? We’ll get reaction from Mark Mellman, senior adviser to the Kerry campaign, and Steve Grossman, former Dean campaign manager.

Race to Marriage: San Francisco's mayor says same-sex nuptials will go on, at least until Friday when a judge may rule to nullify them all. Are the marriages legal? We’ll ask Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Scott's Jury: The next big ruling in Scott Peterson's murder trial: Will there be one, or two juries? And will they be sequestered? We’ll ask John Burris, California criminal defense attorney, and Marc Garcia, former Modesto prosecutor.

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