Kerry: I'd Have Gephardt in My Administration

John Kerry (search) said that if he makes it to the White House he would love to have former rival Dick Gephardt (search) working in his administration.

A man listening to Kerry speak Wednesday at a union hall in Dayton, Ohio, asked the candidate if he would have room for the Missouri congressman in his cabinet, possibly as labor secretary.

Saying he had to get on the Democratic ticket and win the general election first, Kerry suggested that he's been thinking about working more with Gephardt, who endorsed him shortly after exiting the race last month.

"We would be lucky and I would be lucky if we could get Dick Gephardt to be part of the government of this country and go to work for the American people," Kerry said.

"He's a class act," he said. "Under any standard anywhere, he's one of the most decent public people I've met and I'd be proud to have him working with me anywhere at any time."