The Foxlight: Jennifer Aniston, Katie Couric, Cynthia Nixon

Jennifer Aniston bids Rachel farewell, Katie Couric gets snippy and Cynthia Nixon sticks to her story in The Foxlight.

She's tired of being 'Central Perk-y.' Jennifer Aniston is itching to leave Rachel from "Friends" behind. She says she has no plans to be Rachel again -- even on the "Joey" spin-off. And, she hopes fans will let her move on. Plus, Aniston doesn't see herself ever doing a TV series again. She says she hopes Rachel "goes away." Want those residual checks to go away, too, Jennifer? They're just painful reminders. Didn't think so.

America's Pixie Katie Couric can get a little surly. According to the New York Post she got yelled at by a doorman in Manhattan because she wouldn't stop yakking on her cell phone. She was standing in a building lobby where it's against the rules. Finally after 20 minutes of non-stop chatter, the doorman had to show her the door. Couric snapped: "Give a doorman a little power!" according to The Post.

Cynthia Nixon says it was sad to leave "Sex and the City." Except for all the on set gifts being exchanged. But she still claims she doesn't exactly know how it ends. She's sticking to that "we shot three endings" wrap.

Finally, glad to hear someone else dissing Renee Zellweger's "Cold Mountain" performance. Reviewer Jeffrey Welles compares her to Granny Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies." He also says she'd be more comfortable on another old show --"Hee Haw." Ouch. But hilarious -- and dead on. I've always thought she was over the top. Question is, will the Academy agree? They rarely do what I tell them.