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Raw Data: Major Train Disasters

A list of some of the major train disasters since 1900:

— May 22, 1915: Gretna, Scotland. Passenger train collides with a troop train, killing 227 people.

— Dec. 12, 1917: Modane, France. Troop train derails near the entrance of Mt. Cenis tunnel, 543 killed.

— Jan. 16, 1944: Leon Province, Spain. Train wrecks in the Torro Tunnel, more than 500 killed.

— Mar. 2, 1944: Salerno, Italy. Train stalls in a tunnel, suffocating passengers. 521 killed.

— Oct. 22. 1949: Nr. Dwor, Poland. Danzig-Warsaw express derails, more than 200 killed.

— Apr. 3, 1955: Guadalajara, Mexico. Train plunges into a canyon, 300 killed.

— Sept. 29, 1957: Montgomery, West Pakistan. Express train collides with stationary oil train, 250 killed.

— Feb. 1, 1970: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Express train rams stationary commuter train, 236 killed.

— Oct. 6, 1972: Saltillo, Mexico. Train carrying religious pilgrims derails and catches fire, 208 killed.

— June 6, 1981: Bihar, India. Train crashes after bridge collapses in flash floods during monsoon, more than 400 killed.

— Jan. 4, 1990: Sindh Province, Pakistan. Overcrowded 16-car passenger train collides with standing freight train, more than 210 killed.

— Sept. 22, 1994: Tolunda, Angola. Faulty brakes cause a train to plunge into a ravine, 300 killed.

— Aug. 20, 1995: Firozabad, India. A speeding passenger train crashes into a train that had stalled after hitting a cow, 358 killed.

—Aug. 2, 1999: Gauhati, India. Two express trains collide head-on, more than 285 killed.

—Feb. 20, 2002: Cairo, Egypt. An overcrowded train en route from Cairo to the southern city of Luxor burst into flames, then travels 2 miles before the driver stops. More than 360 people die.

— Feb. 18, 2004: Neyshabur, Iran. Runaway train cars carrying fuel and industrial chemicals derail, setting off explosions destroy five villages. At least 200 people killed.

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