What Do the Democrats Know Anyway?

Dennis Kucinich (search) and the Rev. Al Sharpton (search) have both loudly asserted that President Bush lied to the American people about the Iraq war.

Not that he was wrong or that he foolishly believed a bunch of anti-Saddam Hussein Iraqi exiles... but that he wantonly and recklessly lied.

So when is Bush going to start fighting back?

(And by the way... when are these networks going to pull the plug on Kucinich and Sharpton? Seriously, at this late date it's a joke.)

Do we really have to listen to the Democratic candaidates blather about lies from Bush when the blather itself is so untrue and so knowingly false that others could easily throw the "lie" word at them?

What do they know anyway? Kucinich knows about veganism and dating difficulties and Sharpton isn't even going to carry the African-American vote. What is the point of continuing to include them in a national debate?

Then there's the good doctor. Howard Dean is at the end of what is a breathtaking implosion, which is likely to end his political career.

I found a quote that illustrates why Dean will be closing up shop soon.

In one of those candidate and reporter scrums, we heard the following exchange:

Reporter: "Sounds like you are afraid Kerry will be the nominee."

Dean: "'Afraid' is an adjective that has rarely been applied to me in any stretch of the imagination."

Hey now! There's a macho moment that rivals Bush on the aircraft carrier.

Dean isn't afraid. He's never been afraid. Nobody says he's afraid and gets away with it, especially reporter weenies.

Enough... it's so over. Put a fork in all three of them. They are done.

That's My Word.

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