'Rolling Thunder' Show Takes Jabs at Bush

In a mix of politics and entertainment that some might call political theater, three authors are taking to the stage to crack jokes at President Bush's expense.

But not everyone is laughing.

The show "Rolling Thunder" (search) is a combination of political satire, political commentary, music and comedy that trashes the Bush administration on everything from foreign to domestic policy.

The stars are economist Paul Krugman (search), author Kevin Phillips (search) and comedian Al Franken (search), all of whom have recently written books criticizing the administration.

While the performers say they're merely trying to attract young people to politics and current events through entertainment, critics say these kinds of shows don't bode well for the seriousness of public policy.

"It cheapens it, it trivializes it and it turns it a great deal into a wrestling match where you're rooting for your favorite shouter or entertainer instead of doing real politics," said media specialist Marc Cooper.

Despite criticism from the right, Rolling Thunder is rolling forward and tickets will soon go on sale for shows in New York, Connecticut and various East Coast cities.

Click here to watch a fair and balanced report by Fox News' Anita Vogel.