Democratic Presidential Nomination a Done Deal

Some of you thought I jumped the gun when I ordered Howard Dean (search), Dennis Kucinich (search) and Al Sharpton (search) out of the Democratic race.

I wanted to know why we are still listening to these three candidates who have zero chance to be their party's nominee and sub-zero chance to ever be president of the United States.

I would exempt Dean. There's a small chance he could be the nominee. It involves some real fanciful and wishful thinking, but it's a chance. (Dean actually becoming president is a sub-zero proposition, but the nominee is another matter.)

People who thought I was out of line told me most Democrats haven't voted yet, and that I should wait for their turn.

OK. I'll wait, but somebody tell me — honestly — even if shut up until the Democratic convention, does anybody think we don't know who the nominee is already?

As Brit Hume put it today... you can't recover the fumble unless you're on the field. So Dean stays out there — playing in the rain, all muddied up — hoping for a John Kerry fumble.

I guess it's possible. Who knows what skeletons are rattling around in the Kerry closet? Probably nothing, but you never know.

All the same — let's say Dean and Edwards stay in... do we really have to lie to ourselves and say Kucinich and Sharpton are viable candidates?

I can lie to myself, but that doesn't mean I have to believe myself.

That's My Word.

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