Has the bird flu fuss flown the coop? Or is a global game of chicken going on here?

We’ll ask Secretary Dennis Wolff from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture what’s being done to protect American poultry.

Plus, with chicken in question, what's a low-carb dieter to do? We’ll ask Dr. Arthur Agatston, author of "The South Beach Diet."

With earnings reports and the Fed meeting behind us, what lies ahead for Wall Street? We’ll get a read from Joe Battipaglia, chief investment officer at Ryan Beck & Co.; Gary B. Smith, columnist for RealMoney.com; Price Headley, founder of BigTrends.com, and Tobin Smith, chairman of ChangeWave Research.

On the heels of the announcement that a team of South Korean researchers has successful harvesting of stem cells from a cloned human embryo, comes word that Clonaid has cloned their sixth human. Where’s the proof? Neil asks Dr. Brigette Boisselier, CEO of Clonaid, and Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement.

Plus, it’s a “Your World” exclusive. Meet the whistleblower who some say brought Halliburton down.

With weapons yet to be found, is the war in Iraq a waste? Try telling that to U.S. Army Corporal Mike Krieger, 1st Battalion, 152nd Infantry, and his wife Lesley.

And, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Love Doctor is in! Dr. Ruth Westheimer, psychosexual therapist and author of "30 Days to Sexual Intimacy," shares the dos and don’ts of keeping your love alive.

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