State of the State Department

Dear Viewers,

On Thursday I interviewed our deputy secretary of State at the State Department (search), which gave me an opportunity to check out FNC's office "digs" at the State Department.

Because of the importance of the State Department, we have a producer posted full time there (we don't want to have to run across town to report something if international news break since we want to get you the news immediately… hence the person is posted AT the State Department.)

Incidentally, the State Department is about three miles from FNC's Washington, D.C. bureau, but traffic in D.C. can be a nightmare and news breaks instantly. The State Department has been gracious enough to give us the space (and other news outlets that want it). The room is far from luxurious or spacious, but it is adequate to do the job.

While I am showing you Teri's workspace, I think it only fair to show mine back at the FNC bureau (that’s photo No. 2). And yes, hers IS neater and having now taken a look at mine in the photo, I am now "inspired" to clean it up a bit.

I actually selected a picture that made my office look neater than it really is. And I confess, even though it is a mess, it is the neatest it has been in 2 years. I just got new office furniture and I had to clean up the office to get the new furniture in but already my old habits -- messy -- have taken over. If I continue with my old habits, the health department will condemn my office by year's end!


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