Topics and Guests, Jan. 29

Today on "Special Report"

Planning the line of attack — As former President Clinton heads to Capitol Hill — Can he help the Dems hammer out a White House win?

GUEST PREVIEW: The job of a campaign manager appears to be exciting and often rewarding ... but it also seems to be lacking in the job security department. Just ask Joe Trippi.

Just a couple of months ago he was leading the Dean machine ahead of other hopefuls in the race for the Democratic nomination ... and today ... with about ten months left before Election Day he is out of a job. What happened?

We'll ask former Gephardt campaign manager Steve Murphy, who happens also to be a close friend of Joe Trippi.

Carl Cameron reports: Democratic White House hopefuls prepare to debate in the Palmetto State. We'll have the latest from the campaign trail.

Major Garrett reports: The previous Democratic presidential frontrunner shakes things up in his campaign after losing two early races ... Is there enough time left to re-steam the Dean machine? Get a full report.

Jim Angle reports: President Bush lays out his economic vision for a leading investment company in New Hampshire. What did he $ay? Find out tonight.

Jennifer Griffin reports: Ten Israelis are dead and many more are injured after a suicide bomber rips through Jerusalem.

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