Topics and Guests, Feb. 12

Today on Special Report:

More British Airways (search) flights are canceled due to new security fears. We'll have a full report.

Bret Baier reports: A budget hearing before the House Appropriations Committee (search) switches gears to the intelligence inquiry. We'll have details.

GUEST PREVIEW: Is the economy booming or heading for a bust? We'll ask, Dan Mitchell, senior fellow for the Heritage Foundation.

Steve Harrigan reports: Guerrillas launched a brazen attack Thursday on an Iraqi civil defense outpost visited by Gen. John Abizaid (search) , commander of all U.S. forces in the Middle East. Abizaid and his party escaped injury in the gun battle. We'll have the latest.

Jim Angle reports: Besieged by questions about his National Guard record and intelligence failures in Iraq, President Bush (search) tries to turn the nation's focus back to education and the economy, two of his election-year priorities.

Major Garrett reports: The latest developments from the Democratic presidential trail.

Brian Wilson reports: Does Democratic front-runner John Kerry (search) have a secret weapon? Find out.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume at 6 p.m. ET.

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