Kucinich's 'Tonight Show' Appearance

Dennis Kucinich (search) took his Democratic presidential campaign trail quest for a girlfriend to late-night television — and won a date with actress Jennifer Tilly (search). 

The Ohio congressman asked questions of a trio of unseen women in a "The Dating Game" takeoff Thursday on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Responses by Tilly, actress Cybill Shepherd (search) and Los Angeles radio talk show host Kim Serafin (search) blended sexual innuendo with politics and references to Kucinich's environmental concerns.

Serafin said she would help Kucinich relax after a long day on the campaign trail by rubbing him "with oil not tested on animals."

Shepherd referenced by Janet Jackson's Super Bowl halftime show by plotting a "wardrobe malfunction" — pulling up her dress to reveal red boxers.

Kucinich asked bachelorette No. 1: "So I win the Democratic nomination, but I have laryngitis so I ask you to make the victory speech. What do you say?"

"Good evening delegates," Tilly responded. "My husband, Dennis, thought he was going to lose so he didn't write a victory speech. And now he's pretending like he has laryngitis.

"That's really good," Kucinich said, laughing.

After he selected Tilly and she emerged from behind a screen, Leno presented Kucinich with a gift certificate to a Santa Monica vegan restaurant. The smiling congressman gave Tilly a kiss on the cheek but didn't say if he actually planned on taking her on a date.