The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

Adam and Drew try to do it again in "50 First Dates" and "Barbershop 2" and "Miracle" still hot tickets in today's Foxlight.

Drew Barrymore can't remember yesterday and Adam Sandler has to get her to fall in love all over again ... every day. Can these kids make it work as well as they did in "The Wedding Singer?" USA Today says "50 First Dates" (search) is "working awfully hard to be romantic and not hard enough to be a comedy." Still, the New York Times says if you can get through a couple of rough opening jokes, it's actually kind of sublime. That's not what Sandler audiences are usually after -- and the set-up sounds like a lame Xerox of "Groundhog Day." Won't matter -- says it'll start this weekend with $39 million. One reason is it's the only new movie opening this weekend in wide release.

That means another comedy that was number one last weekend will have to settle for second place -- "Barbershop 2: Back in Business" (search) has snipped some nice business in it's first few days, and by the end of this long holiday weekend it should also have around $43 million in the tip bowl. Not bad for 11 days work.

The real winner this weekend may be the strong word-of-mouth film "Miracle." (searchIt's on anything but thin ice. Guru expects a modest 20 percent drop to add another $15 million into it's net. In 1980 dollars -- the year the movie takes place -- it's already a blockbuster. Uh, that means nothing, it's just a fun fact. Sort of.