Bush's Military Service Records

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday's "DaySide", you heard me interview Joe Holcombe. He worked with George W. Bush in Alabama on a Senate campaign, during the time the president says he also served in the Alabama Air National Guard.

Joe mentioned that he remembered time when Bush was away from the campaign to fulfill his Guard duty. Of course, he didn't personally SEE Bush go to the base; he just remembers him having to be excused to serve his Guard time.

So here's my question: Combined with the President's statements, his pay records, and his retirement point summary records, is this now enough to resolve the controversy?

Or do you need to hear from someone who actually SAW the president on the Alabama base?

Me, I'd like to get back to more pressing issues. Little things like national security, Iraq and the economy.

But I'm funny that way.

Here's my fearless prediction: The controversy over the president's service has at least two or three more days left in its media lifespan.

Why? Because the press smells blood in the water. And it's an election year. And the DNC is pushing the story. And the White House does not seem to be giving crisp, clear, unequivocal answers.

If there's nothing to hide, Scott McClellan needs to do a better job of saying so. Then the story dies a peaceful, natural death and there's nothing left for pundits (on either side) to spin.

I'm willing to bet that most Americans just want an answer. Period. Then they want to move onto other "kitchen table" issues that really matter to them this election.

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