Topics and Guests for Feb. 9

Defending his decision to invade Iraq, President Bush said that although stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons (search) have not been found, Saddam Hussein had the capacity to produce such arms and could have developed a nuclear weapon over time.

Did the president's frank TV interview make a convincing enough case to justify the war with Iraq? Or, was political back-pedaling at play? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Dan Bartlett, White House communications director, and Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.

Martha Stewart’s attorney is set to cross-examine Douglas Faneuil (search), the government’s star witness. Will his credibility be tested? We’ll get a read from Fox Business News correspondent Dagen McDowell.

Plus, Rep. Jim Greenwood, R-Pa., explains why he wants answers in the domestic diva’s case.

With Fed head Alan Greenspan set to testify in front of Congress on Wednesday, should investors be wary of another dip in the market? We’ll ask Ben Boissevain, managing partner at Agile Equity, and Greg Werlinich, president of Werlinich Asset Management.

Is your mutual fund safe? If you're not sure, Sens. Peter Fitzgerald, R-Ill., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, don't blame you and want Congress to pass a law they promise will protect you and your investments.

Plus, eyes in the skies? Frank Lanza, CEO of L-3 Communications, joins us to discuss a new device that could improve airline safety.

And, Nicole Williams, author of "Wildly Sophisticated" shares secrets women can use in the workplace to get ahead.

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