Timeline: Bush's National Guard Service

Major events in President Bush's service in the Texas National Guard, according to National Guard Bureau records, as compiled by The Associated Press:

— Jan. 19, 1968: Bush completes Air Force officer qualifications test in New Haven, Conn., while attending Yale University.

— May 27, 1968: Walter B. Staudt, commander of the Texas National Guard, interviews Bush and recommends he be accepted for pilot training. Bush's application for enlistment in the Guard is approved.

— June 1968: Bush receives bachelor of arts degree from Yale.

— July 12, 1968: A three-member Federal Recognition Examining Board reports Bush is qualified for promotion to 2nd Lieutenant in the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.

— July 14, 1968: Bush attends basic military training in San Antonio.

— Aug. 25, 1968: Completes basic military training.

— Nov. 26, 1968 - Dec. 2, 1969: Attends undergraduate pilot training with the 3559th Student Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Ga. He is trained to fly standard Air Force aircraft, including the T-31, T-37, and T-39.

— Dec. 29, 1969 - Jan. 20, 1970: Trainee, 111th Squadron, Ellington Air Force Base, near Houston.

— Jan. 11, 1970: Assigned flying duty as a pilot of F-102 fighter interceptors, 111th Squadron at Ellington.

— Aug. 24, 1970: Three-member board recommends 2nd Lt. Bush for promotion to first lieutenant. Bush later receives the promotion.

— 1971: Participates in drills and alerts at Ellington. Begins work for Houston-based agricultural company.

— May 1972: Bush asks for and receives permission to continue his duties in Alabama while he works as political director on the Senate campaign of Winton M. Blount, a friend of his father. Loses flight credentials after missing physical exam.

— Sept. 6, 1972: Bush's request for a three-month transfer to 187th TAC Recon Group, Montgomery, Ala. is approved so he can work as political director for a Senate campaign.

— November 1972: Bush returns to his unit at Ellington in Texas.

— May-July 1973: Participates in non-flying drills at Ellington. Works at inner-city poverty program earlier in the year.

— Sept. 18, 1973: Bush receives permission to transfer to reserve status and is placed on inactive guard duty about six months before six-year commitment ends. Attends Harvard Business School in the fall.

— Oct. 1, 1973: Receives honorable discharge.