Monday, Feb. 9: Sniper Strikes Again

On today's edition of DaySide with Linda Vester:

Meet the Prez: President Bush makes his Sunday-morning talk show debut as commander-in-chief. But did the president's frank TV interview make a convincing enough case to justify the war with Iraq? Or, was political back-pedaling at play? We’ll ask Bill Kristol, Fox News political analyst and editor of The Weekly Standard.

Plus, we’ll get a read from Terence Taylor, former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations.

Southern Man? Sen. John Kerry looking stronger than ever as he enters Sen. Edwards backyard. Can he pull in those all-important Southerners?

Strikes Again: A van and a Mercedes were shot minutes apart Sunday on an Ohio interstate in a region where a series of 21 sniper shootings have occurred. What are authorities doing to catch the sniper? We’ll go live to Columbus.

Delay and Delays: What is the hold-up in the Scott Peterson murder trial? Both sides say they're ready to go, so why hasn't it started already? We’ll ask Bill Fazio, former San Francisco prosecutor, and Anthony Lowenstein, San Francisco criminal defense attorney.

Fox News Exclusive: Geraldo Rivera speaks with embattled pop singer Michael Jackson. What nuggets did he extract?

Plus, they qualified for the Olympic trials, so why won’t these athletes be able to represent the United States at the Olympics?

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